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If you’re visiting Fannin County or the Blue Ridge area and are looking for a super fun diversion where you can also pick up some unique and functional yard art at the same time then be sure to swing through Mineral Bluff while you are here and check out the Groovy Zoo.

As you meander your way down Lakewood Highway headed to either McCaysville Georgia or Murphy North Carolina you will, without a chance in the world of missing it, come across the Groovy Zoo. Unlike other zoos you have probably visited that feature animals made out of…meat, the Groovy Zoo is home to approximately one zillion pieces of fresh, fun and funky yard art packed in to about an acre on the northern bank of Hemptown Creek, one of the most popular trout streams in north Georgia. And the best part is that all of the animals at this zoo are for sale!

More than a store, Groovy Zoo is a throwback to those classic roadside attractions we all miss

Much like a real zoo, the Groovy Zoo was designed with easy to follow paths and with similar “animals” grouped together, which is really helpful considering how intimidating the whole thing looks upon first entering. In many areas they even have signs with interesting information about the animals that are similar to those one would find in a zoo!

In addition to lots of cool stuff to see at the Groovy Zoo, there is also a large partially fenced area that has a playground for the kids as well as seating and picnic tables. On the upper level you will find a bus full of cool signs, a custom sign shop as well as the main building that also contains even more interesting items.

groovy zoo donkeys
Sign reads: Donkeys can hear up to 60 miles in the right conditions and Live up to 50 years

Where to find it

The Groovy Zoo is located at 8341 Lakewood Highway in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. We didn’t have any trouble finding parking during the week but it looked like it could get a little tight in the parking lot on weekends.

Summer hours for the Groovy Zoo are Monday – Saturday 10:00-7:00 and Sunday 11:00-5:00.

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